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Rapid Pain Elimination - IntroductionBy the time you find your way here, you may have exhausted most other resources and are still in some type of pain or discomfort. The information that you will discover here is a sample of the healing that may be available for you.

Elijah Free specializes in helping people with chronic and acute pain to recover and resume their lives. It does not matter how long the pain has been present, or the age of the one suffering from pain. All of Elijah’s healing work is original and unique in nature.

Freeing is for People of All Ages:
Infants, Children, Adults, & The Experienced Traveler

Elijah’s healing bodywork is totally non-intrusive and uses no force or cracking, but rather gentle touch and a deep understanding of how the body heals.

Freeing has helped many people over the past thirty-four years plus to resume their lives free of pain and its debilitating effect. Freeing, is a structural science that has the capacity to literally reconstruct, restore and resculpt the spine and entire skeletal and soft tissue system with virtually no pain or discomfort.

Freeing is for all types of pain in soft and hard tissue. This includes nerves, muscles, connective tissue, fascia and all places that soft tissue connects to bones.

Freeing is highly effective for:
  • Back & Neck Pain
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Carpal Tunnel & Hand Pain
  • Painful Feet & Ankles
  • Hip & Sacral Pain
  • Shoulder Problems
  • Knee & Elbow Pain
  • Sports & Dance Injuries
  • Accidental & Traumatic Injuries
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Headaches, Cranial & Facial Pain
  • Specializing in Fibromyaligia

Dedicated to the understanding of Freeing, also known as Rapid Pain Elimination, and the healing work of Elijah Free.


Elijah also specializes in metabolic conditions
that can cause pain and discomfort.

Fibromyaligia is one of his specialties. Elijah created an herbal formula called Fibro Relief manufactured and distributed by Ridgecrest Herbals in an herbal capsule. The formula received a patent from the US Patent Office for its unique ability to help eradicate the painful metabolic condition known as fibromyaligia. Fibro Relief is sold in health food stores and on line. The same formula is also available in natural healing clinics under the name DS-1 as an herbal extract

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