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Apprentice to Angels

Apprentice to Angels - by Elijah Free
Apprentice to Angels
is Elijah’s first book. It is about God, healing and Elijah’s life as a healer.

It is an intimate view into the life of one dedicated to helping others to heal -- how Elijah heals and how he became a healer. It is about what was learned in this service and the necessities that accompany this path.

It is an entertaining journey that takes the reader into realms unknown and helps to make these unseen worlds a part of their lives.

From the Introduction to the book -- Apprentice to Angels, by Elijah Free:

Our Father/Mother God assures us that, "I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten." As a healer and a shaman, it is my job to help make this come true. For over a quarter of a century, people have reclaimed their well-being through my healing work. Health has been renewed, pain has been eliminated, and lives restored after years of suffering and debilitation.

Nearly three decades ago, for an entire afternoon of earth time, I was consciously brought into the mind of God where angels taught me how to heal. Since the time of this experience in the mind of God, I no longer learn in a linear sense, but rather recall what has been taught to me. Healing and other skills come as memories. I have never studied natural or metaphysical healing in any institution on the earth, except briefly on one short occasion. Angels have taught me all that I know about these forms of healing. I was trained in emergency medicine as a military paramedic, but not in natural or spiritual healing.

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Apprentice to Angels - click here to purchase on Amazon.comThis book is the story of what I learned -- about God, working as a healer, my apprenticeship to angels, and about love, that most precious of things. It is also a book about triumphs, seeming failures, and of people I have been privileged to help in their healing. Some of these healing stories might be considered miracles. I hope to convince you otherwise and help you understand that healing is following God’s natural laws that are available for all children of our divine Parent.

Like other shamans, I was born with the natural ability to consciously move in and out of the spiritual realm of Dreamtime. The metaphysical universe of Dreamtime is not about the nightly type of dreaming. Dreamtime is a greater reality in which medicine men and women since the dawn of time have performed their sacred duties of healing.

The clinic where my healing work is performed also has doctors, both conventional and naturopathic. Together we help our patients -- by eliminating pain, rebuilding damaged structures, remolding bones, and restoring health. We work to remove the underlying or hidden causes that create the difficulties. These challenges may be from physical injury, congenital problems, or issues emotional, metabolic, or spiritual in nature.

The information presented in this book about our Father/Mother God has been taught to me by angels. I am only a reporter. I hope you find this material helpful in your own journey to God. The divine heritage of the supreme Creator’s children is to know their divine Parent. There is no mystery or sacrilege in knowing God, nor can it be against the law. In fact, the Law of Love tells us it is our right to understand that we live and move and have our being in divine Mind -- God’s eternal Being.

A lot of this information should be supplied when we come into birth. Knowing more about God, the meaning of life and love, how to live, and how to gracefully move through the transition called death would be very helpful. We could be better informed about our sacred Parent and where and what Heaven is. Healing is an important part of our working knowledge of life; essential, too, is the wisdom of how to receive a life full of the blessings intended for us. Love, true divine Love, is the law we are to follow. Love is a principle and any real principle of God must always give the same results when followed or it is not God’s law. The love and care that angels bring are for everyone. There are no exceptions to this rule.

In that special place in your heart, where Truth is always known, is where you will find the voice of God.

Be still and you will hear.

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