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Rapid Pain Elimination
Fibro-Ease™ Herbal Formula

Fibro-Ease™ Herbal Formula

This unique patented formula developed by master herbalist Elijah Free helps to address fibromyalgia by correcting nutritional imbalances that create hardened fibrin in the tissues. The formula may begin to provide pain relief in as little as two to four weeks as fascia and muscles begin to soften. This product is composed of all organic or wild crafted herbs.


Common Name                Latin
White Pond Lilly Root       Nymphaea odorata
Couch Grass                     Elmus repens
Condurango Vine             Marsdenia cundurango
Sheep Sorrel                     Rumex acetosella
Elder Berries                     Sambucus nigra canadensis
Lobelia                                Lobelia inflata

Usage: 1/2 dropper 3 times daily between meals. 1 ounce lasts approximately 2 weeks.

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Frequently asked questions about Fibro-Ease™

How effective is the remedy?

The Fibro-Ease™ formula is very effective. However, a presentation of true fibromyalgia is necessary for it to work as intended. There are other conditions that may be considered to be fibromyalgia due to similar symptomology but these are not the same as true fibromyalgia. There is a simple way to palpate the tissue to determine if true fibromyalgia is present. A video will be available online by late summer of this year to demonstrate the technique.

What causes fibromyalgia?

The cause is a complicated nutritional deficiency. There is an essential nutrient in the rarified potassium spectrum that is missing in the system. When this occurs, there is a domino or nutritional cascade effect causing an incorrect chemical signal to be released in the body. This causes fibrin, which is normally in a semi-solvent state to form into a non-solvent state, becoming hard and dense. Simply put, fibromyalgia occurs when the chemistry of the body departs its natural harmonious state and normal semi-solvent fibrin is given an inappropriate chemical signal, becoming hardened over a period of time. This results in dense, heavy and painful layers of hardened fibrin that are layered in and through regular tissue. This dense fibrinous tissue creates a continuous pulling effect towards the point of least resistance. This continual pulling leads to the painful condition of fibromyalgia.

sunflowers3What is true fibromyalgia tissue?

True fibromyalgia is pain in soft tissues due to hardened fibrin. The hardened fibrin begins as the size of a cell. It continues to grow the same way a seed will in a garden. When the hardened fibrin becomes large enough, it presents as a hard lump in the fascia and muscle. As it continues to grow, it begins to pull on the fascia, creating tension, discomfort and pain. Fibromyalgia tissue feels different from normal tissue. It is not only denser in nature, but also possesses a striated texture if felt against the grain of the fibrinous tissue. Once these deposits begin to develop, they do not resolve on their own, but will continue to multiply until the cause is addressed. As fibromyalgia tissue continues to grow it can affect the sufferer in many different ways. Fibromyalgia tissue is most common wherever the body has enough fascia for it to begin, grow and spread in. The most common location is the trapezius muscles of the shoulders, the thick muscles of the legs, and even the calves and forearms in extreme cases. It can begin at a young age and is most common in women. It is very rarely ever present in men.

What is the mechanism of action for the formula?

Fibro-Ease™ does not affect the hardened fibromyalgia tissue directly. The specific nutritional deficiency itself is addressed through this advanced herbal combination. The formula helps to restore the natural metabolism and chemistry of the body. The body then is able to begin to re-absorb the extraneous hardened fibrinous tissue. This tissue, over a period of time, literally vanishes as the affected tissue returns to its normal consistency – flexible, free flowing, and pain-free. Another way to look at it is, that with the necessary chemical signal corrected, the body literally “disallows” the condition that created the environment for the fibromyalgia tissue to exist.

How soon could one expect to see results?

Results can be quite rapid. Within the first two to four weeks, there will be a change in the consistency of the fibrinous tissue nearest the surface of the skin. This indicates that the process has begun. Over a period of months, there will be a continuous softening to the hardened tissue. Pain relief will begin to occur after the formula has been properly taken on a regular basis for a long enough time for tissue to soften.

How long may Fibro-Ease™ be used?

For as long as necessary. The average time using Fibro-Ease™ on a daily basis will differ depending on the severity of the condition. After all the tissue has been restored to normal and the patient is pain free it is suggested that one continues with the standard dosage for another two months. Then the dosage may be reduced to 2 times a day and then eventually to once a day and then eventually only several times a week.

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Testimonials on Fibro-Ease

blue_flowers"Elijah Free's formula for fibromyalgia has produced amazing results for our 14 year old daughter. She has been taking it for two months and you can visually see that the fibrous tissues that were in her muscles have softened. She is a lot more flexible and her pain level has been greatly reduced. She went from not being able to walk more than a block or two to being able to participate in school activities and walks, and enjoying regular life activities. Even something as simple as closing an inside door at home became much easier for her. She sleeps deeper, is much happier, and we are very excited about the future and how much further this formula can take her. She has had no side effects and for our family it has just been a miracle."

Kasey & Michael O.


To Whom It May Concern
My name is Xochitl. This is my story...

It really started in my teens, but in my early 20's my life went up, down, turn around—please don't let me hit the ground of non-stop pain. It was an awful time to say the least. Having constant numbness, tingling, throbbing pain shooting up and down my body, I had no life.

For many years, the doctors gave me different kinds of test, medications, including depression pills (supposedly to help with the pain), acupuncture, hot water therapy, and pain management classes.  Nothing was working!  I had no life, spent my life in bed most of the time.  I could not even hug my family.  

Neither I, nor the doctors had any idea what was wrong with me. Then finally after quite a few years, one day a doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.

I thought, finally, it has a name.  At that time there was no specific medicine for fibromyalgia. The doctors could not do anything for me for many years. I got to a point in my life where I was tired of numbing the pain with pills that did not work, and living like a zombie. I wanted to eliminate the pain forever.

One day, I saw a gentleman by the name of Elijah Free speak at an Event at East West Bookstore. He spoke passionately about eliminating all types of pain including mechanical and metabolic, and that he had a cure for fibromyalgia. I knew immediately that he was the man to eliminate my pain forever!

I started taking Fibro Ease and within a month I felt less pain. Then another month goes by, less pain, and then another, less pain.  I was in ah! Less pain—oh my goodness! 

Here I am almost a year taking Fibro Ease and I feel wonderful. I am almost completely pain free and it all has to do with Elijah Free and his Fibro Ease—yeah! I'm now in my early 30's living life zombie free and enjoying all things called life.

Xochitl, San Jose, CA.

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