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Elijah Free: The Life of a Healer

Elijah Free - HealerFrom Apprentice to Angels
Foreword by Connie Hernandez, N.D.

Over ten years ago, Elijah Free appeared at an open house at my clinic, Pacific Naturopathic, in Palo Alto, CA. He was accompanied by a friend and former patient, the two of them newly in love, and thrilled by the knowledge of the miracle of healing. Elijah suggested that he might be able to offer something of substance to the clinic and to our patients. We were not looking for an associate at the time, but I invited Elijah to discuss his work with me, and later, to treat me that I might better understand the way he heals.

For years I had been suffering from a kind of energetic kink or twist, from my left baby toe up through my back and neck. I would often experience lower back pain, occasionally severe as a result of this imbalance, which various chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists had been unable to perceive. Or, if they could perceive it, they couldn’t understand it, and could not correct it. I had no expectation whatsoever for Elijah’s work, but forty-five minutes later found that the problem had completely disappeared.

It has not returned to this day.

Although Elijah considers his healing abilities to be a birthright each one of us can develop within ourselves, those of us who have benefited from his healing find his abilities to be extraordinary. As a naturopathic physician, I have found his intuitive medical diagnoses enlightening, albeit unorthodox. I have also discovered that patients treated on the basis of his understandings tend to get well.

As a colleague, I have referred patients to Elijah for conditions as diverse as carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyaligia, back pain and all forms of structural problems, migraine headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, and much more. Time and again I have seen patients, suddenly free from pain, sobbing at the front desk after confiding their fears that they would never be free from pain in this lifetime.

As a chronically doubting patient, I have lain on his table thinking to myself that such a treatment couldn’t possibly transform my experience of bodily pain, only to sit up and find the pain vanquished.

One way that Elijah describes how he heals is by opening up space within the body. I imagine that what he does is more like envisioning the perfect pattern underlying a disordered form, then facilitating a realignment which creates a stress-free pattern from which discomfort or disease does not arise.

Though I am a person who does not easily visualize, in "Dreamtime" which Elijah describes in this book, I discovered myself in a living jungle landscape, a leopard loping along behind me, beside me, waiting, and watching me. Loosing myself from Dreamtime, and opening my eyes to this reality, I declined to share my experience, but asked Elijah what it was that he himself had experienced in this particular Dreamtime. "I was the leopard," he replied. Enough said.

Beyond all of this is Elijah’s profound experience and understanding of the ineffable, and ability to express it. In the tradition of Edgar Cayce, he draws his knowledgefrom the ethers. In the tradition of Mary Baker Eddy, he derives understanding from deep study of scriptures.

Pine TuftElijah is an unusual being. He is a compassionate, sensitive and sincere man who has overcome great obstacles. His journey has been neither easy nor common. He wrestles with demons and consorts with angels. Much of this journey is shared in this book.

Elijah’s words may generate reactivity in the minds of some, as do all powerful renditions of realities unknown and not experienced by many folks. There will also be those who will be intrigued, perhaps awed by Elijah’s words, and inspired to further explore for themselves the truths he shares of God and transformational healing.

I would like to invite you to enter with open mind into the consciousness of this healer/shaman/writer.

There will be something in it especially for you.

Pacific Naturopathic
Palo Alto, California
June 6, 2006





More About Elijah Free

  • As of 2010, Elijah Free celebrates thirty-four years as a professional healer. He has been a medical associate at Pacific Naturopathic since January of 2000.
  • All of his healing work is original in nature.
  • Elijah specializes in the elimination of all types of pain in the body. He is a master medical herbalist designing and producing his own formulas.
  • Along with these healing arts, Elijah is proficient in iridology, nutrition and hydrotherapy. He began as a wartime paramedic and later as a civilian paramedic, operating room technician and physician’s assistant.
  • After a debilitating injury that left him in pain for over two years, Elijah healed himself. Soon thereafter, he found that he could heal others also.
  • All of Elijah’s healing work is original and unique in nature. It is created through a deepening understanding of Truth and a commitment to helping others become free of suffering and pain.

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