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Ending Fibromyalgia

Is it true there is now a way to alleviate the pain and associated symptoms of fibromyalgia?

Yes, it is true. Since October of 2003, there is now an effective product to help those afflicted with fibromyalgia.

What is the formula called and what is it made of?

Over the counter in health food stores and on-line from natural supplement catalogues and web sites, the product is now available, called Fibro-Ease™ It is an Elijah Free product design produced and distributed from Earth Friend Herb Co. The over the counter formula is composed of all organic or wild-crafted herbs.

In natural health clinics such as chiropractic, naturopathic, nutritional etc, and on line, the formula is in the form of an herbal extract known as a tincture (liquid). It is called Fibro-Ease™ and is composed of extracts of all organic and wild crafted herbs.

A patent was granted by the US Patent Office for the efficacy
and unique formulation of Fibro-Ease™

How effective is the remedy?

The fibromyalgia formula is very effective. However, one must truly have fibromyalgia for it to work as intended. There are other conditions that are commonly called fibromyaligia but are not the same as fibromyaligia. If the condition is not fibromyaligia, then the formula will not be helpful.

What is true fibromyaligia tissue?

Fibromyaligia is hardened fibrin. It begins as the size of a cell. It continues to grow the same way a seed will in a garden. When the hardened fibrin becomes large enough, it presents as a hard lump in the fascia of a muscle. As it continues to grow, it begins to pull on the fascia, creating tension, discomfort and even pain. Fibromyaligia tissue feels different from normal tissue. It is not only denser in nature, but also possesses a striated texture if felt against the grain of the fibrinous tissue. Once it begins, it does not stop on its own, but will continue to multiply for the length of the life of the body. Neither does it go away by itself. Fibromyaligia tissue continues to grow until it becomes something that can effect the sufferer in many different ways. If the supposed fibromyaligia tissue goes away on its own, then it was not true fibromyaligia tissue, but something else. Fibromyaligia tissue is most common wherever the body has enough fascia for it to begin, grow and spread in. The most common is the trapezius muscles of the shoulders, the thick muscles of the legs, and even the calves and forearms in extreme cases. It can begin quite young and is most common in women. It is very rarely if at all ever present in men.

Fibro Relief / DS-1What causes fibromyaligia?

The cause is a complicated nutritional deficiency. There is an essential nutrient that is missing in the system. When this occurs, there is a domino effect in the metabolism called a nutritional cascade effect. Metabolically, a wrong chemical signal is being released in the body. As a result, the body is being told that fibrin, which is normally in a semi-solvent state should be in a non-solvent state, or a state wherein the fibrin becomes hard and dense. Simply put, fibromyalgia occurs when the chemistry of the body departs its normal harmonious state and the semi-solvent fibrin is given an inappropriate chemical signal and becomes hardened over a period of time. This results in dense, heavy and painful layers of hardened fibrin that are layered in and through normal tissue. The fibrin then forms a fibrinous substance that is several times denser than normal tissue. This creates a continuous pulling effect towards the point of least resistance. This continual pulling is uncomfortable and eventually leads to unceasing pain.

How does Fibro-Ease™ work?

Fibro-Ease™ do not directly affect the hardened fibromyaligia tissue at all. The specific nutritional deficiency itself is addressed through this advanced herbal combination. The formula helps to restore the natural metabolism and chemistry of the body. As a result, the body is returned once again to its natural chemistry. The body then is able, on its own, to begin to re-absorb back the extraneous exuded hardened fibrinous tissue. This fibromyaligia tissue, over a period of time, literally vanishes as the affected tissue returns to its normal consistency -- flexible, free-flowing, and pain-free. Another way to look at it is, that with the necessary chemical signal corrected, the body literally dis-allows the condition that created the environment for the fibromyaligia tissue to exist. Thus the hardened exudated fibrinous tissue known as fibromyaligia is re-absorbed over a period of time.

How long does herbal formula Fibro-Ease™ take to work?

It is quite rapid. Within the first two to four weeks, there will be a change in the consistency of the tissue nearest the surface of the skin. In other words, the process has begun. Over a period of months, there will be a continuous softening to the hardened tissue. Pain relief will begin to occur after the formula has been properly taken on a regular basis for a long enough time.

How long is Fibro-Ease™ used?

For as long as it takes. The average time using Fibro-Ease™ on a steady basis will differ from person to person. However, it is safe to say, that at least a year or more, depending upon the severity of the case and how long each person may have had the nutritional deficiency and the effects in the body as regards to the amount of fibromyaligia tissue present. After all the tissue has been restored to normal, it is suggested, that one continues with the standard dosage for another two months. Then the dosage may be lessened to two times a day and then eventually to once a day if all symptoms of fibromyaligia do not return.

It is important to remember, that Fibro-Ease™ does not effect the fibromyalgia tissue directly. Fibro-Ease™ is specifically a nutritional support formula only. Like any nutritional supplement such as calcium or vitamin C, the Fibro-Ease™combination may be taken on a long term basis with no undesirable effects.

Relief from Fibromyagia PainHow is Fibro-Ease™ taken?

It really could not be any easier or safer. As an encapsulated herbal pill, Fibro Relief is taken as two capsules three times a day. Fibro-Ease™ as a pre-extracted herbal tincture is taken as one half of one full dropper three times a day. After each dosage, drink water. Neither Fibro-Ease™ need refrigeration so they are easy to take with you to avoid missing a dosage.

Now, here’s some really good news. No one needs to make any changes in their existing diet. That’s right! No dietary changes are required for Fibro-Ease™ to work the way that they are intended. Nor are the doses arbitrary for the general mass of the person. Since Fibro-Ease™ work on a metabolic level, then weight and size do not matter. The same dosage works on everyone.

Is there anyone who should not take the Fibro-Ease™ formula?

Yes, anyone who does not have the specific hardened fibromyaligia tissue is not a candidate for Fibro-Ease™. Nor is Fibro-Ease™ recommended for anyone on medication for high blood pressure or using other potent medications. Please speak with your doctor before deciding to use Fibro-Ease™ if you are on any medications.

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