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Freeing - Rapid Pain Elimination

or Rapid Pain Elimination
is a structural science that has the capacity to literally reconstruct, restore and re-sculpt the spine and the entire skeletal and muscular system back to a natural comfortable alignment that moves freely and pain free

Freeing is for all types of pain in soft and hard tissue. This includes muscles, nerves, connective tissue and fascia in all parts of the body. This work is highly effective for spinal pain, injuries, misalignments, pinched nerves, shoulder and neck problems and more. It is for cranial and T.M.J. difficulties and for problems of the feet, knees, ankles and hands and wrists including carpal tunnel syndrome and associative problems.

Most pain in a spine is caused by a lack of space wherein soft tissue is compromised and pain and discomfort are generated. Lost space in the body is reclaimed and the bones and articulating surfaces are gently realigned. Since space is near infinite, there can never be a lack of it to reclaim.

Space in Freeing is created so gently that many people fall asleep during a session. It is totally non-intrusive and uses no force or cracking. A deep reduction of pain in the first session often occurs.

Freeing depends on the body's intelligence to decide the placement of its own structure. This allows for the body to naturally compensate for changes that have occurred in the skeletal system over years of use.

Re-sculpting the body is made easier by an herbal salve created by Elijah Free that softens tissue. This makes the body malleable and easy to move, no matter how hardened or locked it may seem.

Freeing can also help to enhance athletic and dance performance. It lasts as long as no further injury occurs to the body, or the conditions that created the problem have not reoccurred.

Freeing Testimonials

Freeing Testimonials:

"There are a couple of practitioners that I've had experience with at Pacific Naturopathic. One is Elijah Free. I can't recommend him more. I've never known anyone like him. I had crippling pain in my wrists that I thought was carpal tunnel. For months I couldn't type or work. In one session, the pain disappeared. I've been completely untouched by it for years since. I type 8 hours a day with not the slightest recurrence of pain. I think he has a rare gift for healing pain, and I've heard similar stories from many other people."

Karen K. Mt. View, CA

"I have diffuse systemic scleroderma and have suffered from joint pain from the condition.  One of the best healers I have seen is Elijah Free of Pacific Naturopathic.  I have been lucky enough to work with Elijah for over five years and have been astounded at his ability to heal not only on the physical level but the emotional and spiritual as well.  As a result of our sessions, I can walk without pain, and could not recommend him more heartily."

Lisa K. Sunnyvale, CA

"I was given Elijah Free's name by several of my patients as the man who can fix my sciatic pain. I had not been able to sleep for weeks and got no relief from physical therapy or a neurologist (just pain pills and muscle relaxants), but he was able to diagnose and treat my pain that first day. I left with soreness but no pain. He is an incredibly compassionate and professional health care provider who continues to work on my back and neck, and has achieved better than factory specs. I have referred several of my patients to him for similar problems, hearing nothing but positive results. He is not a miracle worker but he is the closest that I have found."

Dr. Greg Armi, DDS

"I saw Elijah Free at Pacific Naturopathic for pain elimination of a frozen rotator cuff.  His gentle, healing touch had a deep, softening effect on my rigid shoulder muscles.  I relied so much on his weekly treatments that I often worried he might cancel my next visit because of something unexpected.  Over a seven month period, he was always there for me.

Elijah is a therapeutic practitioner of the highest professional caliber.  My HMO doctor required me to see a physical therapist every week.  I was grateful for his non-judgmental, supportive attitude and his attempts to compliment his treatments with my PT exercises.

Elijah is a spiritual teacher.  Drawing from his own life challenges, he taught me how to do the emotional healing work needed to regain my fortitude and well being.  
If you want to feel better, get better and truly learn to heal yourself, Elijah can help you too."

Yolanda E. San Jose, CA

"Elijah is an incredibly gifted healer.  Since I have known him, he has helped me to transform my health in life-changing ways:

1. For anyone who has fibromyalgia, it's probably exhausting to even think about trying yet another treatment... but Elijah's herbal tinctures worked so well for me that I no longer have the symptoms!  And his herbs are also reasonably priced - not something that can be said for many other herbal treatments out there.  He also has herbal cures for other conditions - just ask him, you may be surprised.

2. Elijah has also developed a unique technique for resolving structural problems... hard to describe - it's not massage and it's not Rolfing - but it corrects spinal alignment and "restores the natural space" between the vertebrae, for example.  A few of these sessions with Elijah, and I knew I'd never have to go back to a chiropractor again.  Except for the rare occasion when I injure myself, I don't even have to see Elijah much anymore.  His treatment seems to teach the body how to heal itself so you don't forever depend on him or anyone else to keep you on track.

To add to all this, I thoroughly enjoy talking with Elijah during my sessions - he's very grounded, light-hearted, and wise - and he truly cares about you getting back to your desired state of health.

I regularly refer people to Elijah, and I often hear "miracle" stories from them afterwards.  So glad there's someone like him out there in the trenches helping us to realize how healthy and vital and mobile we can be - not just once in awhile, but as our primary state of being.  Thanks, Elijah!"

Kristen. R. Berkeley, CA

"Thank God for the group of highly skilled, intuitive healers that is Pacific Naturopathic.  The healer that I'd like to recommend here is Elijah Free.

Elijah specializes in eliminating pain and preventing its recurrence.  For years I had been unable to walk without pain in my feet, sometimes a lot of pain.  Conventional practitioners gave it their best shot with only limited and temporary results.  Elijah's treatment has worked amazingly well, has enabled me to walk without pain.  I'm able to resume one of my most cherished pursuits - long, strenuous, spiritually nourishing hikes in quite a variety of terrain.

Elijah has a very well deserved reputation for relieving and eliminating pain due to a broad spectrum of causes.  A key to his success is a unique ability to tune in to what is really going on in your body, an ability that probably can't be taught.  In my case, he has combined a series of gentle bodily manipulations with an herbal concoction that encourages my body to reabsorb bone spurs.  Amazing!

If you think Elijah might be able to help you eliminate your pain, give him a call at Pacific Naturopathic."

Nishkama L. Mt. View, CA

"I came to Pacific Naturopathic because of my carpel tunnel syndrome. Both my wrists were in pain and they suffered from weakness. My right arm hurt up to my shoulder and to my back "wing bone". Too much computer time ~but what do you do when you have to work?

I'd tried supports and went to a chiropractor but nothing really improved. Finally a co-worker suggested that I should go to see Elijah Free at Pacific Naturopathic. Wanting to avoid surgery, I went to see Elijah and am I ever glad that I did! I'm not sure how he does it (the treatments were more like pressure then like the twisting/popping of a chiropractor) but it sure worked for me. Elijah is also very caring and he Listens!

I am now out of pain and able to work. He also helped me with a back problem that I developed later. Why suffer with carpel tunnel syndrome when you could just go see Elijah?"

Linda H. Santa Cruz, CA

"I have been going to Pacific Naturopathic for the last 12 years. They have helped me with health issues that others were not able to relieve. All the way from an immune system breakdown to the pain caused by two disks pushing on my spinal cord.

One of the practitioners there is Elijah Free. Because of the work I was able to do with him, I was able to get pain relief without the need for surgery.
I will continue to go to Pacific Naturopathic and to refer anyone I know who has any kind of health issues."

Frank D. Foster City, CA

“Elijah is a powerful healer. My neck was stiff for several months before I went to him, and in three sessions he had it back to normal and I was feeling great again. His technique is unique and inspired. Highly recommend!” February 3, 2012

Lauri Willard

“I frequently recommend Elija's herbal formulations for difficult pain conditions, specifically in regard to fibromyalgia and arthritis. We get consistent results with his superior products.” January 28, 2012

Sylvia Skefich, Doctor of Chiropractic, Sylvia Skefich, D.C.

“I would recommend Elijah for anyone who needs help with foot/hip/neck/ or back pain. He is highly intuitive, so he is able to get to the heart of the solution (where other health care providers may be stumped). His work can seem almost magical. He comes from a background in medical training, so his knowledge of the body on a practical level is excellent (an unusual and effective combination). Elijah is a delight to spend time with!” January 20, 2012

Amara Barbara Fiesterman

“I ahve known Elijah Free for many years. I ahve worked with him as a healer and always gotten very good results. I love the herbal tinctures that he created. They work. I also have been a part of gatherings he has given which showcase his shamanic wisdom and infinite healing abilities. Elijah is a treasure.”

Carol Simone

“Elijah has an amazing gift to diagnosis, analyze, and treat individuals who have chronic and acute pain. I have been to his office on numerous occasions and on each occasion I left feeling better. I highly recommend Elijah for his skills as a healer, integrity and a wonderful photographer. (We both love photography)"

Steve Schwartzberg

“Elijah is wonderful and extremely skilled in his work, he is compassionate and nurturing. He has worked with me for years and I have recommended him numerous times and I have always gotten back great feedback. I have had physical issues which he has addressed and I have had remarkable success with his therapy.”

Barbara Walters

“Elijah has successfully cured me of a physical ailment that many other specialists had absolutely no effect with. After running through a variety of Western medicine tests at Stanford University Hospital, with no results, I was turned on to Elijah and immediately had amazing and positive results. I have since been back for a variety of health related issues with great success. He is now my first stop before going anywhere else for basic health issues.”

Robert Bley

“Elijah is a gifted healer. His intuitive touch has released me from back, wrist, knee, neck and ankle pain. I have relied on him to get me back in action after multiple sport related injuries over the years. I send everyone I know to him for rapid pain relief and healing. I highly recommend Elijah and am grateful he has dedicated his life to restoring bodies to health.”

Denice Dade

"Elijah, you have turned a skeptic into a well person. When I experienced numbness and drastic weakness in my hands, I thought I might never work at my career again. I was in a quandary, wondering if I might have irreversible carpal tunnel syndrome. I'm a writer and designer, spending all day (and sometimes night) at my computer. Thank heavens, a friend advised me to call you. I don't know how, but in a single session, you "erased" all symptoms from my arms and hands. I couldn't believe the difference. It was if I'd never had any numbness or weakness at all. I came home, gingerly started to type, and found that everything was completely back to normal. I was able to resume full work immediately, as if I had never been stricken. It's been 7 months, and I am still completely symptom-free. All I can say is that it seems like a miracle. I hope people who are suffering from pain will run, not walk, to see you!"

Karen Gamow, Mountain View, Ca.

"I was a cripple and had been on my back for a whole summer, doing traction three times daily. This was a chronic problem from a severe childhood accident. I had seen nine different chiropractors and nothing worked, including cranial sacral. Then I met Elijah and after short a series of Freeing (Rapid Pain Elimination) sessions I recovered completely, was out of pain and resumed my life. Miraculous!"

Pat Jones, Santa Barbara, Ca.

"I had lost all hope that I would ever be free from over a decade of pain until I met Elijah. I had been in a severe car accident and the doctors wanted to remove vertebrae from my neck and fuse several others together. I was so terrified. Then I met Elijah. Now I am pain free and have complete rotation of my neck. The pain was completely gone in the first session. Thank you, Elijah for giving my life back to me."

Karen Redmond, Cambridge, Ma.

"In 1981 I broke my neck. The doctors fused C6 and C7 together, pinching a nerve. This left me in constant pain with about 50% rotation. Added to this injury, I was placed in a halo vest, a device to hold up my head which was inserted with four bolts into my skull three quarters of an inch deep. In the spring of 1983 I met Elijah and began treatments with Freeing (Rapid Pain Elimination). After three sessions with Elijah I was pain free and my rotation completely restored. Elijah completely repaired the incorrect fusion of my vertebrae, restored my complete neck function and enabled me to lead a normal life. I later went on to lift weights and regained all of my strength and nerve functions and resumed my career as a carpenter. My friends and family were totally blown away. When they asked their doctors, they were told this was physically impossible. Today, my neck is fine and I am healthy and fully functional as a contractor. Thanks to Elijah and Freeing."

Daniel O'Connor, Brookdale, Ca.

"I have seen miracles occur in Elijah's work, beyond what most people are willing to believe. Decades of pain disappear. Twisted bodies become healed. Old injuries cease to exist. Severed nerves grow together again. An angel must guide his hands. His work is magic. Freeing is a gift from the heavens."

Nancy Brock, Boston, Ma.

"I had given up all hope that I would ever move correctly again after my car accident. Several sessions of Freeing and now I an dancing."

Laurie Donnelly, Cambridge, Ma.

"At the age of ninety-eight, I had fallen down an entire flight of stairs in my home. I hit the wall with one side of my body and literally dislocated every bone including my fingers. I lay unconscious all night. In the morning when I was found, I refused to let them take me to the hospital. I wanted to die at home. Then they called Elijah. The angels sent him to me. He fixed every bone that had been knocked out of place. In fact, he did such a good job, that I didn't need to use my cane. I had been using one for years. He nursed me back to health. Thank you, Elijah."

Josephine Taylor, Mt. Shasta, Ca.

"When I found Josephine, (who was 98 at the time and had fallen down a flight of stairs), she was contorted in such a way I thought she must have been dead. She refused to go the hospital, so we called Elijah. I watched him actually remold her body back into its proper shape. I wept as she could move her arm, and then her hands again, and then when she walked several days later. I saw a miracle happen right in front of my eyes. Thanks, old man. I love you."

Douglas Harper, Mt. Shasta, Ca.

"I had severe, incapacitating headaches for over twelve years. I had been to chiropractors, osteopaths, doctors that included neurologist, surgeons and pain specialists, cranial sacral practitioners, Rolfers, more massage people than I can remember, healers and more. Nothing worked until I met Elijah and Freeing (Rapid Pain Elimination). My headaches are gone! No one else could even figure out what was wrong with me."

Catherine, Santa Barbara, Ca.

"As a professional dancer, I have been helped immensely by Freeing (Rapid Pain Elimination). My balance and coordination have been helped tremendously. I move more gracefully and with a greater ease."

Rhonda Fleming, Newton, Ma.

"I have had a severe T.M.J. problem for many years that has caused me great pain and discomfort along with grinding of my teeth. After two sessions with Freeing, I no longer need to wear my teeth guard at night and the pain is gone. I can now also chew on both sides of my mouth for the first time that I can remember."

Nancy Gerrard, Cambridge, Ma.

"I was told that I had carpal tunnel syndrome and would have to go in for surgery. Freeing rebuilt or recreated or did whatever it does so I could forego the surgery. I am pain free!"

Susan Underhill, Lexington, Ma.

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