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Western Herbology

Western Herbology
We always say that "Herbs are specialized forms of life created by Nature to help heal ourselves and the planet."

Elijah Free shares a direct relationship with the herbal realm allowing him to craft formulas that allows the inherent intelligence of the herbs to work with the intelligence of the body's own cells.

Elijah is a general herbal practitioner with specialties that include: Fibromyaligia, Pain Elimination, Immune System and Viruses, Exhaustion and Low Energy, Cleansing Programs, Internal Health and more.

Western Tonic Herbology supports the natural functions of the body so the process called healing can begin to take place. Needed nutrients are supplied to the weakened part of the body while supporting the entire system as a whole. It is the way that Nature intended herbs to be used, metabolizing the body on a cellular level through rebuilding and cleansing.

Elijah has designed and produced his own formulas for over thirty years. No one knows an herbal formula better than the one who creates and produces them. If needed, he will design a formula for a special need. A part of his work is the design and production of herbal formulas for doctors and other practitioners who use natural means to help the body.

All of Elijah's herbal formulas are tonic in nature and do not stimulate any already weakened organs. You will never get the same effect from a stimulating formula as you will from one that is a true tonic. The basis for all of the truly great systems of herbology from all around the world is tonic herbology. This form of herbology is called Western Tonic Herbology.

Elijah holds a patent for the creation of a very effective formula for fibromyaligia.
Please see the section on fibromyaligia for more information.

Elijah is also a product designer for Ridgecrest Herbals of Utah.
His products are sold in health food stores and on-line. Please see the store section to purchase Elijah Free herbal products.

Herbal Testimonials:

Herbal Testimonials"Dear Elijah, I am enclosing my endorsement for your products. For your information, I am not exaggerating at all in my endorsement. I've been looking for natural products I could trust for quite a while and haven't really found any except some aromathreapy oils until trying your products. I am very impressed with Earth Friend herbal products. I have been using herbal and other alternative products in my medical practice for years, and have been disappointed or only moderately impressed with various products available on the market. The freshness, potency and care given into each formula is amazingly obvious. It makes it clear why other herbal products I have used have not had the effects which I expected from knowing the general properties of the herbs in question. I heartily endorse your products and am thrilled to have found such an excellent source of natural healing products. The first time I used Elijah's products was on a person who had a cut which had not healed after three weeks. Within two days of applying the salve (Restore Ointment) to the wound, a remarkable improvement was noted. The wound subsequently healed without further complications."

Michelle Mafeo, MD.

"I am a family physician and have used Earth Friend formulas on a large number of patients. I have found them to be highly effective for a wide variety of both common and unusual health problems. My patients have given my a lot of really great feedback on these formulas. They are the best I have ever used."

Dr. Randy Baker, MD.. Family Physician

"After chemotherapy for cancer, my thyroid no longer functioned correctly. From my surgery I also had severed nerves that were severally damaged. Elijah's formulas healed my thyroid to the point I no longer even needed any medication ever again. His incredible formulas also regenerated my severed nerves almost overnight."

Alice Winholtz

"Miraculous healing tools through integrity. I was a cripple and had been on my back for a whole summer and was doing traction three times daily. I had seen nine different chiropractors trying to get back on my feet and nothing worked at all. Then I met Elijah and in a short while I recovered completely, was out of pain and resumed my life"

Patricia Jones from personal experience with Restore Ointment and herbal tincture formulas.

"I welcome the chance to have an opportunity to speak out in regards to the usage of herbs in general. I've been a believer in the usefulness of herbs as a treatment procedure for various health conditions for many years. I've relied totally upon herbs to maintain my health and ability for the last twenty years and have never been disappointed with the results. I have found that Elijah Free herbal formulas are even better because of the research and preparation he has put into each formula. I've had nothing but the best of results with the use of Elijah Free herbal formulas in both preventative measures and existing health needs as a treatment. Elijah Free herbal formulas is truly a tribute to herbs for better health and long life." Thank you.

Virginia Barragoan LVN

"Dear Elijah, As you know, I have been a therapist and healer for twenty five years. My own work is with the growing edge of human development. Until meeting you, I had never met anyone that I could totally trust my clients with for their physical healing. Your understanding of the human body and its healing process encompasses a remarkable depth and context for healing that I have not encountered anywhere else in this field. In the sharing of our clientele over the last eleven years I have witnessed a 99% success rate in your ability to heal both conventional illnesses and those that have been termed "incurable" in surprisingly short, effective and natural ways with your amazing herbal products. Thank you for the difference that you have made in the lives of so many people."

Nancy Brock, M.A., Therapist, Healer

"Elijah has been given special knowledge of the body."

Josephine Taylor, Creator of the Josephine Taylor Foundation

"Earth Friend herbal tinctures work with the body's natural healing forces to support and tonify organ functions. Through personal use and private practice and as owner of Body Therapy Massage School, I have enjoyed excellent results and dependable support for the body's healing process."

Katie Mickey L.M.T. & Director Body Therapy Institute.

"The words for Earth Friend Herb Co. are consistent quality and integrity. I feel good enough about Earth Friend Herb Co. to speak personally to anyone who would like to call me directly about them. There is not enough space to ever begin to mention all of the consistent results I've seen people have. And results speak for themselves."

Michael Griffin, Owner Mt. Song Natural Foods

"Elijah was able to pinpoint the basic causes of my health imbalance that doctors could not and the herbs relieved the symptoms within ten days. The herbs are an easy way to regulate my health and well being."

Delia Horwitz, owner business consultants

"In August, 1984, I broke my neck in a diving accident. The doctors fused C6 and C7 together, pinching a nerve. This left me in constant pain with about 50% rotation. Added to this injury I was placed ii a 'halo cast', a device to hold up my head which was inserted with four bolts into my skull 3/4 of an inch deep. Two were at the temples and two behind the ears. In the spring of 1983 I met Elijah Free and began treatments. After three or four sessions I was pain free and my rotation was completely restored. Elijah also put me on an herbal program to restore muscle, nerve and skeletal strength and function. I have kept up my program for maintenance and highly recommend Elijah's herbal tinctures to my friends and acquaintances. Also, Elijah was able to unfuse the vertebrae, restore my neck function and enable me to lead a normal life. Several months after my treatments began, I also resumed weight training and aerobic exercise and resumed my career as a carpenter. Today, years later, my neck is fine and I am healthy and fully functioning as a contractor. I have used Elijah Free products ever since for all of my health maintenance needs including breaks, sprains and strains (I am a builder and a weekend athlete), burns, abrasions, pinched nerves and more. I credit the marvelous formulas in large part for my excellent health. The salves are an integral part of my on the job first aid kit. I and my family swear by Earth Friend Herb products and strongly endorse them for everyone. God bless you Elijah Free."

Daniel O, Connor, general contractor

"Thank you, Elijah for giving my life back to me. Without you and your miraculous herbs I would still be living in pain."

Christine Redmond

"Elijah, I have been taking INF 1Y as a supplement for a period of one year. And it has been about that long since I have suffered from more than a mild Illness! A few weeks before I began INF 1 Y I stayed home from work for two days because of a head cold. All my life I would get sick several times a year it would hang on for at least a week and often for two weeks or more. And the symptoms were terrible! Head colds, ear infections, headaches, runny noses, bronchitis that would hang on for weeks. I would also get stomach flu at least once a year. Then I took INF 1 Y as a supplement. Since then I have had mild symptoms that I only recognized as sickness when I discovered that some bug was going around. My wife and I have been apart for several months. Two days before I was to visit her she began to come down with a cold so I Fed Ex'd a bottle of INF 1 Y to her with instructions to take a full dropper once an hour. The cold was gone the next day! Something, she says, had never happened before. So, I know I have thanked you before, but please accept yet another offering of gratitude. Your herbal skills have been a boon to my immune system."

Steve Lawson

"My cat had been in a fight and had been bitten. It caused a sore that became very infected and oozed pus. I used CAF Tincturement Salve. Amazingly it cleared up the infection in a very short time. I never had to take my cat to the vet."

Elaine Watson

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